The History of Wellington Arch, London

Wellington Arch is an easily-recognisable London landmark, with a statue of the Duke of Wellington towering over an imposing neo-classical structure. But what many of the people who come to see the arch do not realise is the monument’s complex history. Since its initial construction in the early decades of the nineteenth century, Wellington Arch has evolved and even changed location.

Wellington’s Arch: how it first came to be

The history of Wellington Arch can be traced back to 1824, when architect Deccimus Burton was commissioned to create gateways for the royal parks of London that would capture the triumphal spirit of the era: this was, after all, less than a decade after Britain’s victory in the Napoleonic Wars. One design that Burton came up with was for an ornate arch to go in Green Park, serving as an outer entrance to Buckingham Palace. The arch was duly constructed over the following years, but due to budget limitations it lacked many of the sculptural details proposed by Burton.

The Wellington connection: honouring a hero

Originally, the arch had no connection to the Duke of Wellington. It was not until the following decade that a proposal was made to incorporate a memorial of Wellington, honouring his status as war hero of Britain. The proposal was approved in 1838 and sculptor Matthew Cotes Wyatt was chosen to create a statue of Wellington on horseback. The statue was erected in 1846 and stood atop the arch, but many observers felt that it looked out of place.

Moving Wellington Arch: a vast undertaking

A much bigger change was in store for Wellington Arch, as the entire structure was moved during the 1880s to make way for a new road. In the process, the controversial statue of Wellington was removed. A new sculpture of Wellington on horseback, this time the work of Joseph Boehm, was built and can still be seen near the arch today.

The final touch: the sculpture of Triumph

Deccimus Burton’s original design for the arch featured a sculpture of a four-horse chariot on top, although this was on of multiple elements that were left out. However, towards the end of the nineteenth century a sculptor named Adrian Jones was given approval by the Prince of Wales to create a bronze sculpture for Wellington Arch, and the design was to be a four-horse chariot. The sculpture, entitled Triumph, was erected in 1912, marking the final state of Wellington Arch’s evolution into its now-familiar form.

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Top 5 Rooftop Bars in Bangkok

Bangkok has an exciting nightlife, and rooftop bars are the best ways to experience it. In this guide, you can discover some of the must-visit entertainment spots in the sky.

The buzzing city of Bangkok offers plenty to see, especially from the top of a skyscraper. Rooftop bars are a common phenomenon in one of Asia’s most vibrant destinations. These entertainment and relaxing spaces are designed to provide views of the city below while patrons indulge in their favourite drinks. The numerous rooftop bars in Bangkok mean that there is something for everyone from beer lovers to cocktail enthusiasts.

1. Brewski

If you love beer, you can’t leave Bangkok without trying Brewski. It is the city’s only craft beer rooftop bar. The bar stocks imported and local beers, offering over 100 different brews. Patrons have about 12 draft beers on tap. Brewski is on the 30th floor of the Radisson Blu. Compared to most rooftop bars, Brewski has a more relaxed feel.

2. The High Bar at Lancaster Bangkok

You will find the High Bar on the 12th floor of the Lancaster Bangkok where it overlooks the Makkasan District. A pool by the bar provides the perfect opportunity to cool down after a hot day in the city. Local Beer, cocktails and wines are your beverage choices at The High Bar of Lancaster Bangkok. If you want a light meal, this rooftop bar is known for its gourmet burgers.

3. 342 Bar

Do you prefer a riverside rooftop bar? Then, the 342 should be on your itinerary. It may be only five floors up, but it offers some of the most panoramic views of Bangkok. 342 is on the opposite of the Grand Palace and overlooks the Wat Arun Temple. Sip on cocktails as you enjoy the sight of the temple’s golden spire.

4. Sky Bar Rooftop Lebua

This rooftop bar is among the most famous in Bangkok (and the highest in the world), so you can expect that it will be crowded at all times. Located on the 63rd floor of Lebua, Sky Bar has a spectacular all-round view of the Chaophraya River. Try the infamous Hangovertini cocktail then head over to nearby Sirocco for an amazing Mediterranean cuisine.

5. The Speakeasy

The charm of The Speakeasy lies in its ambience of 1920s New York. You can count on some modern music as you sip on classic drinks. The 25th floor is where you go for house music and the 24th for pop. There is also a cigar lounge for patrons who need it.

For the ultimate taste of what Bangkok entertainment has to offer, pop into one of the rooftop bars in the city. With the impressive variety available, you are bound to find an establishment that quenches your thirst.

top 5 theatres near Hyde Park

No visit to London city is complete without listening to live music or seeing a show. From the famous blockbuster musicals to some of the world’s entertaining dramas, London is home to many extraordinary theatres.


Visitors can find their favourite drama play, West End musical or incredible opera in the city’s theatres. Here are the top five theatres near Hyde Park, London.


Arcola Theatre-The Nine Off-West End Awards Nominee

This is London’s favourite theatre located on the backstreet by the Dalston Junction station. Thanks to the new work from the cutting edge playwrights as well as international premiers, the theatre was nominated for the nine off-West End. Currently, there are two primary theatre spaces and a lively bar that is heavily involved in the East London arts.


Royal Opera House Theatre- The Home of Royal Ballet


Royal Opera House is a world-famous theatre that is open to daytime visitors and ticket holders during the performances. The theatre is home to the Royal Ballet, the ROH Orchestra, and the Royal Opera. Visitors can enjoy their morning coffee or lunch at Royal Lancaster London Hotel, or take out a cold or hot drink to the famous Amphitheatre Terrace with the stunning views across the Covent Garden Piazza.


Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre- Get to Know the History of Shakespeare


Visitors can enjoy the show and the blockbuster musicals at one of the city’s oldest and famous theatres with the family and friends. Throughout history, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre has played host to some of the renowned shows and players in the entire world. From the talks and lectures to comedic performances and dramatic plays, the theatre always has something excellent going on.


Young Vic Theatre- Enjoy the Presentations from the World’s Youngest Artists

The Young Vic Theatre is the City’s leading home for the younger theatre artists. They present the seasons of work by the new directors together with the productions by some of the famous directors in the universe. The theatre was established to help the younger designers, directors, technicians, and writers to work alongside some of the world’s great artists to present entertaining productions at the lowest seat prices.


Harold Pinter Theatre- Get to Enjoy Entertaining Comedies with the Family

The Harold Pinter was originally the Victorian theatre for comedy. The theatre’s musical and comedic reviews that carried on across the war helped cement its reputation as the leading London light in the theatre industry.

The History of Shepherd’s Bush Market


Dating back to ancient times, there is something intoxicating about the street market with its sharp scents of food and spices, of leather and fabrics and of people shouting and plying their trade. And so it is with Shepherd’s Bush Market – a wonderfully immersive street market experience and tradition in Shepherd’s Bush, London where you discover extraordinary handmade items not seen elsewhere and sample amazing cuisine.


Opening in the Time of the First World War

Shepherd’s Bush Market is located on land owned by Transport for London and opened for business way back in 1914, the time of the First World War. In those days, the shops lined the railway viaduct.

Well over a century old, the market is still as popular as ever and is regarded as a place where you can find wonderful people and wonderful treasures. What’s more, you can also choose from plenty of nice hotels near Shepherd s Bush. It is a historical landmark in West London, with some traders who have been with- and passed their business down for generations.

The market in the 21st century is an eclectic mix of traders and customers looking for fresh produce, toys, music, carpets, clothes and even a pet shop – a favourite with kids. There really is an offering of an amazing mix of products and services at bargain prices. The market is open six days a week except on Sundays and is open from 9 am to 6 pm. If you are staying in one of the hotels near Shepherd’s Bush, such as K West Hotel & Spa, you will find that it’s also a great place to shop for household items, delicious cuisine and a place where you can pick up some unique gifts.

Upgrades to Destroy the Character of the Place?

People have been wanting to see upgrades with the market and development was approved by the council in 2012 and endorsed by the Mayors of London’s Office. The development project was stalled and it seems that today, little has changed in Shepherds Bush Market with its original entrances on Uxbridge Road and Goldhawk Road. There is now the new Shepherds Bush Market with its entrance further west along the Uxbridge Road. Both these markets are privately run.

A Vibey Place Offering So Much More


Shepherd’s Bush in itself is a vibey place, and with its over- and underground stations, the market and some amazing music venues, restaurants and bars there is action all the way. When you do research on Shepherd’s Bush, you’ll quickly discover a host of activities to pick off to see and do.

The renowned Shepherds Bush Market is still a must see with its more than 100 stalls, and with customers coming from all over the world to visit, you’re guaranteed to walk away with not just heaps of bargains but having experienced something utterly unforgettable for so many splendid reasons.