Memorials at Hyde park

While Hyde park provides the perfect getaway from busy London by providing tons of fun activities and sporting events, it is also home to memorials depicting British history. Here are some of them.

Animals in War Memorial

The Animals in War Memorial was inaugurated in November 2004 during the 90th anniversary of World War 1. The memorial is located outside Brook gate as a commemoration of animals that died or suffered during wars in which Britain took part. For example, it commemorates animals such as mules which had their vocal cords cut to be used as food to grow worms. The worms were used as sources of light for soldiers to read maps.

Princess Diana Memorial Sites

Princess Diana used to call Kensington Palace home. The park and gardens host various memorial sites to pay homage to the living legacy of one of the most loved princesses in British history. For example, the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain is designed to reflect and celebrate her personality.

Albert Memorial

The memorial located in front of the Royal Albert Hall commemorates the life of Prince Albert, who was robbed of life aged just 42 years by typhoid fever.

Even if you are visiting Hyde Park for its fun events and activities, you may also want to explore the history of Britain by visiting the various memories at the site.


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